Quantity Price List - KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1

KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 includes a copy of the program, with PDF copies of the KEDIT for Windows User's Guide and the KEDIT for Windows Reference Manual. (Printed versions of the KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 documentation are not available.)

One copy of KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 costs $39.

Here is quantity pricing for copies of KEDIT ordered directly from our online store.

Note that quantity pricing is applied for multiple copies on a per order basis. Prices for higher quantities are available on request.

These prices are subject to change without notice.

Quantity KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1
1 $39
2-9 $33
10-19 $29
20-99 $25
Higher quantities Contact Mansfield Software Group for pricing on higher quantities

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