KEDIT for Windows Demo

Before downloading the KEDIT for Windows demo, you should be aware of the current status of the product:

The KEDIT for Windows demo allows you to try out all of the features of KEDIT, and can edit all of the same files as the full product. The only difference between the demo and the production version of KEDIT for Windows is that there is a 75-line limit on the files that you can save to disk.

The demo includes full documentation for the product, in the form of the complete Help file, along with the KEDIT User's Guide and KEDIT Reference Manual in PDF format.

The demo version of KEDIT for Windows is provided solely for the purpose of helping you evaluate the capabilities of KEDIT, and you have permission to use the demo only for that purpose.

Downloading the Demo

Download the KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 demo for Windows 10 and 11, in a 6 megabyte .EXE file.

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