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[Updated December 2020 to extend sales/support dates by a year]

KEDIT is at this point a "legacy product", kept available and supported on a very limited basis, primarily for the benefit of existing users. We discourage purchases of KEDIT by new users not already familiar with the program. As discussed below in more detail, we currently plan to continue selling KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 through our web site until at least the end of 2021, and to provide support by e-mail, on a very limited, part-time basis, until at least June 2022.

KEDIT first became available in 1983, and it has been sold and supported for longer than almost every other PC program ever released. But we are no longer actively working on new upgrades or features for KEDIT, and are in the process of gradually winding down Mansfield Software Group. We also have no plans to release versions of KEDIT for other operating systems, such as for the Macintosh or for Linux, or to add support for files in Unicode format.

Many of our customers use KEDIT on a daily basis, and depend on it to help them get their work done. Our plans are always subject to change, but we want to let you know about them for your own planning purposes. That's why we began posting information about our plans for phasing out the program in the "What's New" section of our web site beginning in November 2006, which is being brought up to date in this posting:

December 2012

 Current Version: KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1

KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 is the current maintenance release of KEDIT. It runs on both the 32-and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 is a minor update to the previous release of the program (version 1.6, from December 2007). It fixes a bug that prevented KEDIT's DOS command from working on Windows 8 or later. This upgrade is free for licensed users of previous versions of KEDIT for Windows.

New licenses for KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 cost $59. The upgrade is free for licensed users of all previous versions of KEDIT for Windows, and is available as a $39 upgrade for licensed users of KEDIT for DOS and for OS/2.

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