Network Licensing Information

KEDIT is normally sold as a single-user product, and each license is normally assigned to a single individual. However, the KEDIT license also allows you to install KEDIT on a network server, provided that you have a means of controlling the maximum number of concurrent users who will access KEDIT from the server, and that you have purchased enough KEDIT licenses to cover that maximum number of concurrent users.

For example, assume that you have a network with 100 users, and you want to install KEDIT on a network server and allow up to 50 people at a time to use KEDIT. You would need to purchase 50 KEDIT licenses, install one copy of KEDIT on the server, and set a limit of 50 concurrent users. For this licensing option to work, you must have software installed on your network that can limit the maximum number of concurrent users of a product. KEDIT does not have any built-in metering facilities.

Note that concurrent use licensing of KEDIT applies only to copies of KEDIT installed on a network server and accessed through that server. Copies of KEDIT installed on individual workstations, as opposed to network servers, are always licensed on an individual, non-concurrent, basis.

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