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This booklet has information for users of KEDIT for DOS and KEDIT for OS/2 who are moving to KEDIT for Windows. If you are a first-time user of KEDIT, you can skip this booklet and start with the KEDIT for Windows User's Guide., and we strongly recommend that you look through this chapter before using KEDIT for Windows. It has important information about the differences between text mode KEDIT and KEDIT for Windows, and it has answers to the vast majority of the questions that you are likely to have as you get started with KEDIT for Windows.

Note that, like all previous versions of KEDIT, KEDIT for Windows is still a text editor. KEDIT for Windows does not handle binary files, graphics files, OLE compound documents, or documents with multiple fonts on a page. As a text editor, KEDIT works with files that consist of lines of text, where each line ends with a carriage return and/or a linefeed character.

KEDIT assumes that the files you are editing are encoded using the ANSI or OEM character sets; most text files on Windows have historically used the ANSI character set. Note that KEDIT does not support Unicode, a newer format that is beginning to come into wider use.

KEDIT 3.53 and earlier

This booklet describes the changes that a user of KEDIT 4.0 or KEDIT 5.0 will notice when moving to KEDIT for Windows. It does not focus on versions of KEDIT that came out before the 1988 release of KEDIT 4.0.

Most commands and features from KEDIT 3.53 and earlier are still available in KEDIT for Windows. The biggest difference is in the macro facility, which changed significantly between KEDIT 3.53 and KEDIT 4.0, requiring KEDIT 3.53 profiles and key definitions to be rewritten. Most users of KEDIT 3.53 have relatively simple profiles and can simply start fresh with KEDIT for Windows. If you have extensive KEDIT 3.53 macros you can contact us for a copy of the KCONVERT program, which helps convert KEDIT 3.53 profiles and key definitions to the new format.

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KEDIT is a trademark of Mansfield Software Group. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
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