User-Supplied Macros and Utilities for KEDIT for Windows

File Posted Size Description
ALIGN.KEX 2/98 3 Kb ALIGN.KEX aligns all text in a box block on a specified character or string.
COL.ZIP 12/97 33 Kb KEDIT version of the powerful XEDIT XCOL column editing macros from the original author of XCOL.
DIFF.ZIP 12/97 6 Kb Find the first (next) difference between two similar files.
ENHSRCH.ZIP 1/99 23 Kb Contains a collection of macros to implement extensions and enhancements to the ALL and CLOCATE commands.
FPRINT.ZIP 5/98 14 Kb User-enhanced version of the ENHPRINT macro.
KLDSAMP.ZIP 2/99 19 Kb Sample KEDIT Language Definition files for SAS, PERL, TeX/LaTeX, Oracle PL/SQL, NetRexx, IBM JCL, IBM BAL, MASM, batch files, and Progress 4GL files.
LAUNCHKE.ZIP 2/98 42 Kb LAUNCHKE.ZIP is a simple context menu extension for the Windows Explorer shell that enables you to right click on any file and edit it with KEDIT for Windows 1.5. (Does not work with KEDIT for Windows 1.6)
MACROHLP.KEX 4/98 12 Kb Take one of your existing macros and automatically add a help facility based on comments in the macro's header.
MENU.ZIP 4/98 10 Kb Allows you to easily change the top toolbar to a menu of your design and then restore the original toolbar.
REG.KEX 4/98 11 Kb Explore regular expressions with an easier to use syntax.
SORTBOX.KEX 2/98 4 Kb Sorts the text in a box block without affecting text outside the block.
WINFL.ZIP 4/98 54 Kb Powerful "DIR.DIR" file explorer for KEDIT for Windows.
WKSEARCH.ZIP 1/99 6 Kb Used to search files in a directory for a text string and optionally to allow the user to create batch files from the listing.

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