Changes in KEDIT for Windows 1.6/1.6.1

Here is a summary of the changes in KEDIT for Windows 1.6. All of the changes discussed here are also included in KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1. (Version 1.6.1 fixes a bug that prevented KEDIT's DOS command from working on Windows 8, but otherwise adds no new features to KEDIT beyond those described here.)

Changes for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, and 11
Increased Limits
Other Changes

Changes for Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10, and 11

Many of the changes in KEDIT for Windows 1.6 were originally made to help KEDIT run better under Windows Vista, but they all also apply under Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Increased Limits

Current PCs have much larger amounts of memory and are much faster than the PCs of 1996, when KEDIT for Windows 1.5 was originally released. To take account of this, we've raised many of KEDIT's internal limits.
Changed Limits in KEDIT for Windows 1.6
Feature Old Limit New Limit
Files in the ring 100 files 500 files
Lines per KEXX macro 4000 lines No limit
Length of line in KEXX macro 250 characters 1024 characters
Minimum WIDTH setting 512 characters 1024 characters
Default WIDTH setting 1024 characters 10000 characters
Maximum WIDTH setting 32000 characters 999999 characters
SORT command fields 10 fields 50 fields
SET COLMARK column markers 20 column markers 50 column markers
SET PATH/MACROPATH setting 300 characters 1000 characters
SET SYNONYM 100 synonyms 1000 synonyms
SET TABS columns 32 columns 100 columns
SET VERIFY operands 10 column pairs 25 column pairs
String expressions in search
(LOCATE /a/ | /b/ ...)
12 expressions 50 expressions
ARBCHARs in string expression
(LOCATE /a$bcd$e.../)
Default undoable actions
(Configurable via SET UNDOING)
100 actions per file 200 actions per file
Default memory for undo data
(Configurable via SET UNDOING)
64K per file 512K per file
KEXX NUMERIC DIGITS 50 digits 1000 digits
.KLD file :MATCH section 40 lines 200 lines
Recently-used filenames saved
(SET RECENTFILES controls how
many show up on the file menu;
default is 9)
16 filenames 25 filenames
Command lines saved
(Recallable via F6, Shift+Cursor Up/Down)
40 command lines 100 command lines
Other saved operands
(Find/Replace, DIALOG, etc.)
16 saved operands 25 saved operands

Other Changes

KEDIT for Windows 1.6 includes minor improvements to some of KEDIT's other commands and features. The most widely useful are probably the first two listed here: color printing for syntax-colored text, and the ability to widen the prefix area to display line numbers larger than 99999. There have also been a number of internal changes to KEDIT, both to improve performance and to fix bugs reported since the last maintenance release of the program.

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