Download KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1

Mansfield Software Group is no longer actively working on new upgrades or features for KEDIT. Support (planned to continue until at least June 2024) is available only by e-mail to, and on a very limited, part-time basis. Our support is focused on KEDIT for Windows running on 64-bit versions of Windows 10 or 11. Any new maintenance releases of KEDIT for Windows are expected to require a 64-bit version of Windows 10 or 11.

You are authorized to download KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1 only if you are either:

(a) a licensed user of an earlier version of KEDIT taking advantage of the free upgrade to KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1


(b) already a licensed user of KEDIT for Windows 1.6.1.

This installer will work even on a new computer where a previous copy of KEDIT for Windows is not already installed, and won't require that you enter any license codes or registration keys.

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