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A number of KEDIT macros, language definition files, and related utilities are available for downloading. Some of these macros have been developed by Mansfield Software Group, and some have been contributed by KEDIT users.

These files are provided on an as-is basis. We will attempt to respond to questions that you have about the macros, but they are not formally supported parts of the KEDIT product. (The only exceptions are patch files for KEDIT itself, and copies of macros and utilities from the KEDIT product disks. When used in accordance with your KEDIT license agreement, these files are considered to be fully supported parts of the product.)

If you have any questions about these Download Libraries, please contact us by e-mail at

Note: These libraries are now in "maintenance mode" and are no longer being actively updated.

KEDIT for Windows Download Library
KEDIT for DOS and OS/2 Download Library

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